Sun Herald photo a fan favorite at MSNBC

A Sun Herald photographer's photo from the National Guard sendoff taken Sunday is a fan favorite on the MSNBC website.

Sun Herald photographer Tim Isbell took pictures of a sendoff of National Guard 1108th Theater Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group (TASMG) in Gulfport that left for deployment to Kuwait.

A photo from Isbell's assignment was used by The Associated Press and picked up by's website as part of its Pictures of the Week. The photo gallery is a collection of pictures from the past week's stories.

Readers on the site are asked to vote for their favorites from among 20 pictures. As of Friday, Isbell's photo of a mother sharing a moment with her daughter, called, "Fond Farewell," was in first place with 13,465 votes. The second-place photo has 2,983 votes.