Ex-constable's drug trial to begin today

A formerHancock County constable is scheduled for trial today in a drugtrafficking case that followed his fall from grace in the lawenforcement field.

Circuit Judge Roger Clark has instructed attorneys to beready for jury selection in the case of Danny Hamby, charged withpossession of crystal methamphetamine with intent to distribute, andtransfer of a controlled substance.

The charges stem from a raid on a Kiln residence by narcotics agentsin June 2006. The raid netted 33 bags of crystal methamphetamine andled to a criminal indictment naming Hamby and PerryMalley, a second defendant.

Malley is represented by attorney Donald Rafferty. Hamby's defenselawyer is Brian Alexander.

In court Monday, Rafferty said he was ready for trial in Malley'sdefense. Alexander at first told the judge he was not prepared fortrial, but then agreed to begin jury selection today.

Hamby worked for the Hancock County Sheriff's Department in the past,and was also elected a constable in 1999. He left law enforcementafter being arrested on domestic violence-related charges. In 2001, he ran for justice court judge and lost to current JudgeRicky Adam.

Alexander said Monday that he was willing to recommend that Hambyplead guilty on possession charges, but not on transfer or intent todistribute.

"We'll admit to possession all day long," but not to the othercharges that carry more weight and harsher penalties, Alexander said.