Our Kind of People

Here’s why we are launching a series on inspirational people

South Mississippi is home to a lot of generous and caring people.

You probably know a lot of them.

And we’d like to introduce you to more.

Today, the Sun Herald unveils a new series called “Our Kind of People.” It will be published in each Sunday’s newspaper to showcase the amazing people on the Coast who inspire us all. The stories will also be online at sunherald.com.

One week, we might write about a young person doing incredible things at school, and another week’s story might be about a person collecting supplies to help others.

The stories will have a common theme: People helping people. People fixing a local problem. In short, people who are making South Mississippi a better place to live.

We love to interact with our readers. And, on occasion, our readers will leave a comment on a story that our time could be better spent writing about good deeds in our community.

We heard you.

And all the people doing these good deeds? Well, they are our kind of people.

Shannon Wall, Publisher

Blake Kaplan, Executive Editor