You wanted a smoother Canal Road, so don’t complain now

Don’t be shocked if you run across one of these after Sept. 12 on Canal Road in Harrison County.
Don’t be shocked if you run across one of these after Sept. 12 on Canal Road in Harrison County. Sun Herald File

Those who commute from north of Interstate 10 via Canal Road probably will want to start plotting an alternate route.

The road between John Clark and Landon roads is already often down to one lane intermittently during the week as crews prep it for resurfacing.

“Right now, they’re cupping the ditches,” District 2 Supervisor Angel Kibler-Middleton said, “and they keep one side open as they work on the ditches on the other side.”

But starting around Sept. 12, the resurfacing will begin and parts of the road will be closed entirely.

The road will be closed from John Clark to Robinson Road, then Robinson to Orange Grove Road, then Orange Grove to Landon Road. The work will take about three weeks if the weather cooperates. A. Garner Russell and Associates Consulting Engineers is managing the project for the county.

Commuters have been complaining about the road for a long time, regularly begging for relief in Sound Off. The most recent one was Aug. 27.

“To the powers that be: Please, please pave Canal Road. It is atrocious that it has been neglected so long and has been allowed to get in this state. We try to avoid it as much as possible but sometimes you just have to go that way. The worst part is from Landon Road north to John Clark Road. How much longer do we have to put up with this mess?”

While the road will be smoother with better drainage, Middleton said, it won’t be wider. It is the only stretch of the road from Mississippi 53 to I-10 that isn’t a wider state aid road.

Kibler-Middleton said the county will pay the entire cost of the $500,000 of the resurfacing, while the state and county share the cost of the rest of the road north of I-10. But it would cost $3.4 million to upgrade the county’s stretch to qualify for state aid status.