Sound Off: Church and state should be separate

Church and state should be separate

Thank you for the article on the Freedom from Religion Foundation dissuading public school–sponsored prayer in Ocean Springs. I am not a member of the FFRF, but I’m certainly in favor of its participation as recently reported. As I see it, we have to be on guard where young minds are concerned. I believe in keeping our tax dollars for education separate from church.

No-win situation

That $400 million was Iran’s money, which we had sequestered. If a Republican president were in office, you would say “we kidnapped Iran’s money and as ransom we got our hostages back. Wasn’t he clever?” Everything Obama does is construed as wrong or at least suspect. Check Politifact.

Fight for the 99%

The person who thinks “job creators” are living like their employees is totally delusional. Most of the 99 percent employed by the 1 percent can’t afford to pay their bills and don’t have or have very minimum health insurance. Some can’t afford insurance, because the 1 percent isn’t paying fair wages. But we know the 1 percent lives wealthy, and, has excellent health care. This world would be a better world if more people fought for the 99 percent instead of the 1 percent.

Syrians coming

The Associated Press reports the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. before the end of September. He doesn’t care how you feel about that or what Congress thinks. If just one of those people is a terrorist plant, we’re exposed to a potential devastating attack. There aren’t enough jobs for Americans now. There is no strategic interest. The humanitarian crisis is the Middle East’s fault, not natural disaster. Doesn’t matter. It makes Obama feel good and gets him personal glory.

Donation suggestions?

I want to donate a 2001 Buick to a nonprofit group. Please suggest a group to call. Thanks.

Definition of honor

The officer who gave the homeless man his shoes is what defines a honorable man. This homeless man that had nothing took nothing. Lately, the hype of the times is to label people by the way they look or what they have, to bully people calling them horrible names when we know nothing about their character but it says everything about our own character. Our children are watching. They are being taught the poor person in the worn shoes and tattered clothes is not worthy of being treated with fairness when that person has more worthiness than the those who say she is less. They are the ones who should be pitied.

Pay up

If taxpayers are owed $900,000, then why aren’t the taxpayers receiving payments from debtors’ assets and garnished wages? That money could help with education or in restoration of the rivers. Whoever sentenced these criminals should have included that in their sentence.

Cans are stowed

To “New to Ocean Springs”: If you are insinuating 90 percent of homes in Ocean Springs just leave garbage cans out in front of their homes, you are wrong. I have lived in Ocean Springs for 40 years and have never seen that. If you are talking about putting them out the night before trash day, it’s done everywhere in this country that I have been.

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