Sun Herald staff shares their favorite videos of 2015

Some of our favorite videos of the year were also view favorites.
Some of our favorite videos of the year were also view favorites.

Sun Herald staffers have posted hundreds of videos this year, with millions of views to their credit. SunHerald.com began posting videos several years ago, but began an all-out effort to enhance our news coverage with videos on a YouTube channel launched in 2013. There are now more than 1,800 videos on that channel.

This year, we asked our staff to share their favorite videos of the year and why they were their favorites.

Not surprisingly, some of our staff favorites also were yours.

Our most-viewed video came from reporter Wesley Muller, who covered the story of the Hancock County deputy who was attacked on a lonely stretch of road in May. To date, it has garnered more than 465,000 views on YouTube. The case has not yet been solved.

Another came from high school football. Sports writer Patrick Ochs was in the right place to capture a game-deciding play in the Gulfport-George County game Oct. 2, which has more than 12,500 views to date.

Here are the videos from 2015 we liked and why.

A man accused of aggravated assault in a fatal shooting case that happened Sunday at Ashton Park apartments says police have the details wrong. The interview was conducted April 20, 2015.


Robin Fitzgerald, reporter

Tevon Johnson says police wrong about fatal Gulfport shooting: After a Gulfport Police Department press conference in the wake of a deadly shooting, I asked a man why he was angry and creating a commotion in the hallway. He said the teen killed was his nephew. A young man beside him began adding information as if he knew what had happened. I asked him how he knew. He said he was the brother of the deceased, and had been involved in the shooting. By then, a TV camera also began to record as the young man told me his version and said police "got it all wrong." The video was subpoenaed for a grand jury review to show the young man had incriminated himself on a charge of aggravated assault.

Go backstage and meet the contestants in a 2015 regional competition at IP Casino in Biloxi to see who will go to Memphis to compete during Elvis week.


John Fitzhugh, photographer

Elvis tribute artist contest at IP Casino: This is the first "long" mini-documentary I did. At five minutes, it's one of my longest. It was a fun story to cover, even though I'm not a huge Elvis fan. It certainly has plenty of flaws, but I'm pleased with the way it came out.

Four camera angles capture the action as South Mississippi and Alabama high school players compete in the slam dunk exhibition on Jan. 11, 2015.

Slam-dunk contest 2015 Gulf Coast Hoopsfest: Fun with multiple cameras. The video was (sports reporter) Patrick Ochs' idea. The DJ's comments made the audio work well. We wanted to get some of the kids to wear a GoPro, but they backed out. Patrick got the great shot of the announcer flopping around after the winning dunk.

Like monuments on a distant battlefield, steps leading to nowhere still stand along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, serving as a daily reminder of Hurricane Katrina's fury. From Aug. 29, 2015.


Tim Isbell, photographer

Steps to nowhere: I shot this video to support my photo gallery on the subject of the Coast's post-Katrina steps to nowhere. I couldn't interview the steps, so I wrote a narration and got my wife to read it aloud, which gave me the audio to use with the various shots of the steps to nowhere.

People brave weather to attend Memorial Day ceremony at Biloxi National Cemetery. May 25, 2015.

Memorial Day: I thought using patriotic songs and visuals was all that was needed to show/remind people what observing Memorial Day is all about.

Deep South Hurricanes defeat Nashville in Wheel Chair Softball World Series being held in Biloxi. From Aug. 6, 2015.

Wheelchair softball: Although my time was limited by other assignments that day, I enjoyed this shoot. The members of the Hurricanes were an inspirational bunch. The man talking on the video went to the same high school as I. We had a Provine High School mini-reunion.

Watching the sun rise is just an added bonus of Beauties and Beast Fitness Boot Camp from May 7, 2015.

Sunrise fitness: This was a self-generated assignment. I was shooting stills and video, interviewing and writing the story at the same time. It can be challenging to try to get good work on a number of fronts instead of just concentrating on one.

Former Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway stopped by the election party of Fofo Gilich on April 28, 2015, to congratulate him for leading in the special election for mayor. Holloway endorsed Gilich in the race.


Anita Lee, reporter

Holloway makes surprise appearance at FoFo Gilich party: I liked the FoFo Gilich and A.J. Holloway video because I had covered Holloway from the time he was a city councilman. It was great to see him show up for FoFo's primary-election victory party and I was glad to capture part of the celebration on video. Plus, the video's only 40 seconds. A quick watch.

A swarm of flying insects invaded Bay St. Louis in the 5th inning of the SSC-North Pike baseball game on May 12, 2015.


Patrick Magee, sports reporter

Attack of the termites at St. Stanislaus: Provides footage of a termite swarm that hit May 12 in the middle of a St. Stanislaus baseball game. The scene was disgusting, with bugs flying in fans' hair, ears and mouths. But you couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Termite swarms hit across the Coast that night, but they were at their worst in Bay St. Louis.

Point Cadet is a peninsula in East Biloxi. Back Bay wraps around its north side, flowing into the Mississippi Sound to the south and the Gulf beyond. During Hurricane Katrina it received extremely high water that destroyed homes and lives. Members


Amanda McCoy, photographer

Hurricane Katrina -- Surviving The Point: This video was part of the Sun Herald's extensive coverage of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I was in New Orleans for Katrina, so I didn't experience what it was like on the Coast. Sitting down with Michael Kovacevich, Sheri Hokamp and Lou Blomberg and hearing their incredible stories gave me an insight I hadn't come across before. I also enjoyed the challenge of editing complex stories into one cohesive video.

In a story from September, SunHerald talked to skateboarders who built their own skate park in downtown Gulfport after the Harrison County Skate Park closed. Now, they're looking for a permanent home.

DIY skate park: I like this video because the park and skateboarders created such amazing visuals and I was able to try a more featurey style of editing to match.

Fans and the Blackwater Brass band escort the Biloxi Shuckers team to their new home at MGM Park on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

Shuckers opening day parade: The Shuckers coming to Biloxi was one of the year's major stories and the video captures the excitement well.

Stan Tiner has has been the executive editor and vice president of the Sun Herald for 15 years. Overall, Tiner has spent 37 years as an editor, first at newspapers in his native Louisiana, then at the Mobile Press-Register, the Daily Oklahoman and

Stan's retirement: Executive Editor Stan Tiner retired in 2015. Telling someone's story through the objects around them was a new challenge I enjoyed.

Anton Kihyet has been taking orders and answering phones at Bozo's Grocery in Pascagoula for 15 years. He's become somewhat of a local celebrity and the iconic face of Bozo's, a popular lunch spot. Story from April 3, 2015.

Bozo's: This guy is great. And you get to hear him say Bozo's.

Two Gulfport churches came together for services on Tuesday to decry racial unrest. Story from July 7, 2015.


Justin Mitchell, digital producer

Gulfport church congregations preach unity, worship in a world of racial unrest: To hear church choirs come together to sing praises of unity and diversity was a beautiful thing. It's always nice seeing people come together regardless of race. This assignment also brought back a flood of childhood memories, as my grandfather would sometimes bring me to hear the church choir sing at St. Rose de Lima Catholic Church in Bay St. Louis.

Sharon Hodge makes Rock 'n' Road marshmallows at her Gulfport shop in this March 6, 2015, video.

Floating on Cloud 9 -- Marshmallows a dream turned reality in Gulfport: This was the first time I used my iPhone camera to take a "high quality" video, and the shots came out very well. I could have had smoother transitions, but I love the detail shots of the homemade marshmallows.

Walter 'DJ Hyphee' Pennington spins tracks three nights per week at South Mississippi casinos. He has been a DJ for almost 9 years, and one of his tracks have recently been dropped by electronic heavy hitters Skrillex and Diplo. Story from Feb. 27

Get Hyphee -- Coast DJ talks inspiration, work, music: You never really get to hear a DJ talk about his work because he's always spinning behind the music. I loved talking to DJ Hyphee about his career choice and going to the clubs to watch him work and take B-roll.

Three men who attacked a Hancock County sheriff's deputy Monday night, tried to carry him into the woods to kill him, investigators on the scene said. The deputy narrowly escaped death with the help of a newly installed device that remotely unleas


Wesley Muller, reporter

Men tried to carry Hancock deputy into woods to kill him, officials say: It was just one of those unique spot news stories that captured the immediate aftermath of a very intense situation -- the ambush of a deputy and the amazing turn of events that saved his life.

The Sun Herald gets a firsthand account of a skydive on the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team during an air show Saturday at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi. The video follows the flight, jump and landing from beginning to end, thanks to a

Cameras capture Army skydivers' drop from 12,500 feet at Biloxi air show: Shooting videos in an open-door airplane at an altitude of 12,500 feet is not something a journalist does every day. This video is a good example of blending footage from a digital still camera and the Sun Herald's new GoPro cameras in order to capture multiple angles that place the viewer directly in the middle of a carefully coordinated skydive.

George County looked like it had tied the game on a 21-yard TD pass from LaRaymond Spivery to D'wan Williams but after initially ruling a TD, official rules Gulfport INT. Admirals take knee on last play to secure 42-35 win on Oct. 2, 2015.


Patrick Ochs, sports reporter

TD or INT?: The best part about this clip is everyone seems to see something different. Even a former NFL referee chimed in on the bizarre Class 4-6A play. I typically try to get down to the football field about 5 to 7 real-time minutes (3 to 4 on the game clock) before a game ends so I don't have to wade through the crowds to get post-game interviews. At George County in Lucedale, it looked as though Gulfport was going to put the game on ice. The Admirals were setting up for a chip shot of a field goal that would have put them ahead by 10 with two minutes remaining. GHS missed it, setting up a fantastic -- albeit controversial -- ending.

ESPN reporter Will Cain tells why he's following the Shuckers' 55-game road trip and how the team is coming home to Biloxi in this June 5, 2015 report.


Mary Perez, reporter

ESPN in town for Biloxi Shuckers' home opener: ESPN reporter Will Cain followed the Biloxi Shuckers to South Mississippi to complete his three-part report on the team's epic road trip and first home game. After he interviewed me at Biloxi's White House Hotel, I asked him for an interview. In his 24 hours in town, he had already eaten at Mary Mahoney's, laughed at a few of Bobby Mahoney's jokes, played cards at the Beau Rivage and visited the stadium. Hear what he has to say.