Colombian woman at center of Secret Service scandal may get photo spread

CARTAGENA, Colombia -- Dania Suárez, the Cartagena woman who three weeks ago unleashed the sex scandal that shook the U.S. Secret Service and military, may be trying to sell her exclusive story to magazines such as Playboy or Hustler, according to rumors that have surfaced in this city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

“This is the way this is going to end,” said a Colombian official who asked not to be identified. “She’s going to pose nude in Playboy, where a renowned journalist will interview her and write an article telling the whole story of what happened.”

Suárez, 24, leaped into notoriety after she provoked an incident at the Caribe Hotel with a Secret Service agent who refused to pay her the agreed price for a night of sex.

The scandal has led to the resignation, retirement or firing of eight Secret Service agents. A ninth agent had his security clearance revoked.

Twelve members of the armed forces are also being investigated. They all belonged to the advanced security team of President Barack Obama, who visited Cartagena April 14-15 to participate in the Summit of the Americas.

Theresa Hennessey, a Playboy spokeswoman, told El Nuevo Herald that none of the magazine’s editors had contacted Suárez and that there are no plans to “publish her photos in the magazine.”

However, Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, said through a spokeswoman that they have photos but have not finished writing the article to go with them. The spokeswoman did not specify if the photos were new or whether it would be an exclusive story.

Calls made to Penthouse magazine were not returned.

An assistant to Marlon Betancourt, Suárez’s attorney in Cartagena, said that the lawyer did not wish to comment. In a conversation Monday, the assistant told two El Nuevo Herald reporters that Suárez “had the right” to sell her story and photos to “whomever.”