Ingalls to offer contract extension to workers

PASCAGOULA -- Ingalls Shipbuilding has confirmed to the Sun Herald tonight that it is going to offer thousands of workers at the yard a three-year extension to their current work contract. The details of the proposal have been negotiated between the company and union leaders and will be explained in a flier to be handed out Friday morning, beginning with the first shift at 6 a.m.

"Union leadership and Ingalls Shipbuilding management have worked together on developing a proposal that, if approved, would extend the current collective bargaining agreement for three years to 2015," said Ingalls spokesman Bill Glenn. "Union leadership have agreed to recommend the proposal to their membership."

Workers who are members of a union will have an opportunity to vote on this issue Dec. 1.

The yard in 2009, when under the management of Northrop Grumman, made a similar offer for a two-year contract that was overwhelmingly accepted by workers. The current contract comes due in March of next year.