Palazzo pushing for balanced budget amendment to debt plan

Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Gulfport, posted on his Facebook page Thursday night that the GOP is still working with the House leadership to include a balanced budget amendment to House Speaker John Boehner's debt limit plan.

The post was made about 11 p.m. Thursday night, after a vote was delayed in the House because Boehner didn't have enough votes to pass the measure.

McClatchy reported that the GOP plan, which would cut about $1 trillion from spending over 10 years and raise the debt limit in two stages, seemed to be on a smooth path in the House, where Republicans have a 240-193 majority. GOP leaders badly wanted the bill to win, figuring it would be a show of strength and unity heading into last-ditch negotiations but the vote was delayed in the early evening.

Palazzo seems to be aligned with Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who was demanding that the House at least vote on a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget as the most reliable way to place a structural brake on spending.

"We are working hard with leadership to ensure a balanced budget amendment is a critical component of the Boehner bill," the statement on Palazzo's Facebook page read. "Only a balanced budget amendment can force Washington to spend within its means. The Boehner bill is not perfect, but a bba will strengthen it."