Pogys from Sandy Point washing ashore at Ship Island

Fish from the sunken Omega Protein pogy boat Sandy Point have washed ashore over an estimated two-mile stretch of Ship Island, Capt. Louis Skrmetta of Ship Island Excursions said this morning.

"We've moved about 20 sets of beach rentals over to the north side of Ship Island," Skrmetta said. "At this time, we are letting everybody know before they get on the boat" to ferry out to the island for the afternoon.

So far, Skrmetta said they haven't received any complaints. About 250 people went out on the boat this morning, he said, and three opted to come back when they learned of the fish spill.

The 163-foot Sandy Point was returning to the Moss Point-based Omega Protein plant when it collided with the 660-foot Eurus London, a container ship headed to the Gulf with bananas bound for Texas. Three of the pogy boat's crew members died, and two of the bodies have not yet been recovered.

Salvage divers recovered the body of Lindsey Tucker, 58, of Vancleave, about 6 p.m. Saturday. He was found in the boat's wheelhouse.

The Sun Herald updates this story as details develop.