Judge rules for Biloxi in annexation case

A specially appointed judge ruled this week to side with Biloxi in its annexation fight against D'Iberville, awarding the older city a larger piece of land than D'Iberville.

Judge Thomas Zebert, specially appointed Chancery judge, ruled May 21 in the annexation trial that took 23 days and ended Sept. 25, 2009. The ruling was filed May 25.

The Sun Herald obtained a copy today.

In his ruling, Zebert found that the City of Biloxi has a need to expand its boundaries into the Biloxi Critical Area. In the suits Biloxi faced with D'Iberville on the east and Gulfport on the west, it would have given Biloxi only a narrow path for growth.

"The City of Biloxi is an economic engine for the region," Zebert wrote in his ruling.

The ruling came in a 133-page document and is subject to appeal.

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