Beach cleanup scheduled for Saturday

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the Department of Marine Resources, and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency are leading a coastwide beach cleanup day from western Hancock County to the east side of Jackson County 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

Each county is designating meeting points for volunteers to sign in and to pass out trash bags and gloves.

These meeting points will be posted on the MDEQ, DMR and MEMA websites Friday. Volunteers will be directed to cover specific areas near the sign in station. Safety guidelines will be posted and should be followed. Protection of Mississippi ’s beaches starts with keeping them clean.

Pre-impact beach cleanup is essential to aid in remediation should any material from the spill in the Gulf reach Mississippi ’s coastal beaches. Removing trash, vegetative debris, and other waste reduces the amount of potentially contaminated material, remediation time, cost of post-impact cleanup, and human exposure to possibly harmful material.

The beach cleanup is open to everyone. Groups and families are welcome. There are no age restrictions; however, parents must accompany children and are responsible for them.