MDEQ issues beach advisories

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, through its Beach Monitoring Program, is working closely with local officials to advise residents that the following locations may have high bacteria levels:

Station 1, near Lakeshore Drive, Bay St. Louis;

Station 7A, near Trautman Avenue, Long Beach;

Station 8, near Fournier Avenue, Gulfport;

Station 9, near Pratt Avenue, Gulfport;

Station 10, U.S. Naval Home/Veterans Hospital near Oak Avenue, Gulfport;

Station 10A, near Courthouse Road west parking lot, Gulfport.

MDEQ strongly advises against swimming and other water contact in these waters until water samples show a consistent safe level for human contact.

When water samples show that levels are safe for human contact, the advisories will be lifted. Additionally, swimmers are reminded that the Beach Task Force has a standing recommendation that swimming not occur during or within 24 hours of a significant rainfall.