Jenny Sanford has 'no regrets'

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND - Tall and striking, first lady Jenny Sanford answers the door of her Sullivan's Island beach house.

"Did you knock and I didn't hear you?" she asks. "I was doing laundry."

Calm and cool, there is no sense of a scorned woman trapped in a political scandal that has torpedoed her 20-year marriage. No hint exists either of the ambitious Wall Street vice president with the political savvy that helped catapult her husband into Congress and, later, into South Carolina's Governor's Mansion.

She is a regular mom doing her daily chores. Her house is surprisingly modest in its furnishings considering it sits on a prime oceanfront lot. Out front, an aluminum baseball bat lies in the yard. A basketball hoop stands near a garage crowded with bikes. And two dogs impatiently wait for four boys, ages 11-17, to come home from school.

At home is the same Jenny Sanford, mother and wife, portrayed in her new book, "Staying True," which is just out and billed by Ballantine Books as an inspirational memoir about holding to one's faith in life's trying times.

Jenny Sanford, 47, said she wrote it for two groups - women also struggling with life's unexpected twists and her sons so that they could hear her side of the story and know she has always put them and her Christian faith first.

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