Damage from Ida minimal

The three coastal counties survived Ida with minimal damage, emergency officials reported this morning. Most of the problems were with street flooding, and there were very few trees down or power outtages. "The only thing we've had is street flooding in our low-lying areas," said Brian Adam, emergency management director in Hancock County. "We've had five or six reports of trees down but not any power outtages."

The flooding occurred in the usual places, including Shoreline Park and along the beach.

t was the same scenario in Harrison and Jackson counties, officials said. Most of the street flooding occurred in low-lying areas, and there were few fallen trees or any other damage. Ida slowed down just before she reached Mobile, moving at 13 mph with 50 mph winds. The wind and rain likely will continue throughout the day Tuesday. The Sun Herald will update damage from Ida throughout the day.