Letterman's Top 10 reasons Favre came out of retirement

"The Late Show With David Letterman" came up with some reasons why NFL quarterback Brett Favre may have left retirement behind and signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

Letterman revealed the reasons on Wednesday's show on his now-famous "Top 10" list. In reverse order:

Top Ten Reasons Brett Favre Came Out Of Retirement

10.Blew his savings on a two-day taco binge

9.No reason to stay home every day now that "Guiding Light" has been cancelled

8.Worried Obama's death panels might try to take him out

7.In this economy, someone offers a job, you grab it

6.Wants to raise and then dash hopes of another city's fans

5.Couldn't take another trip to Pottery Barn with the wife

4.Lured by a lucrative contract and free jar of Icy Hot

3."Concussions made my krazy!"

2.Who could resist chance to spend glorious winter in Minnesota?

1.Oh, oh, wait. He just retired again.

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