Judge extends injunction allowing the Saints' McAllister, Smith to keep playing

New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith and running back Deuce McAllister, along with Minnesota defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams should be able to play the rest of the season. A federal court in Minnesota extended the injunction to stop the players' four-game suspension as a result of testing positive for Bumetanide, a banned diuretic the players claimed they ingested by taking the over-the-counter supplement StarCaps, until the rest of the regular season and through the playoffs. It doesn't overturn the league's decision as the U.S. District Judge Robert Magnuson again expressed his need for more time to review the case. Saints defensive end Charles Grant may not be on the field, but the injunction allows Grant to collect pay checks for the rest of the season as he's on injured reserve. “This is a great day for all NFL players because it establishes that the league cannot ignore the rights of players in issuing arbitration rulings and, if it does, courts will intervene,” said Richard Berthelsen, acting executive director of the NFL Players Association, in a statement. “The NFLPA will always be there to protect the rights of NFL players.” According to the players union's press release, "The court found that there is a likelihood that the suspensions violate public policy because the NFL and the doctors who were running the drug program knew that StarCaps contained a prohibited substance not on the label of the supplement, but did not inform the union or the players. "Second, the court found there is a likelihood that the arbitrator who made the decision to suspend the players, Jeffrey Pash of the NFL, was partial and, therefore, unable to render a fair arbitration decision." The five players were suspended by the NFL rejected the players' appeal earlier this month. McAllister, Smith and Grant tested positive for Bumetanide in August during training camp.