Carter Work Project: Saunas and pause

The rain is not helping the Habitat for Humanity Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. It drips, then pours, then drips again, and the whole time, the team at House 4 on Huff Alley is stuck outside. The drywall crew finished last night, and this morning, painters sprayed on the texturizer.

Now is an hour-and-a-half wait for it to dry. In the Coast's wetness and humidity, that’s an optimistic estimate, so the painters have thrown in some heat lamps. Without a dehumidifier though, the inside of the house is a sauna.

“The roof’s done. “Habitat! Oh yay!” The AmeriCorps volunteers on the roof holler the official yell for finishing one of the longer projects in a Habitat build.

On the sides of the house, other volunteers are putting up siding as fast as they can, while the crews at the saws are cutting it to meet the need.

It’s a race against time, both to get things done before the bare bones of the house get soaked, and to finish as much as possible before the dedications start tomorrow.

But for now, it’s hurry up, wait a bit, hurry up, wait a bit, and cut, cut, cut, nail, nail, nail, faster, higher, now, now, now, to put a roof over Angel Lewis’ head, while theirs, and hers, are getting soaked.

Later today: More weather, and a nurse who gives her vacation to Habitat.

In tomorrow’s print edition: The closing ceremonies, and Ryan LaFontaine reports from the Diamondhead build site.