He said he turned missing Jojo the kangaroo into dinner. Social media clapped back.

Social media erupted after a man made a Facebook post claiming he and his family ate a kangaroo that went missing in Gulfport.

Baby Jojo hopped away from Pass Road Elementary about 10 a.m. Wednesday. The kangaroo was with Cody Breland of Wild Acres mobile zoo and party service in McHenry. Breland was showing his animals to children at the school.

Gulfport police issued a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) for Jojo, and a search ensued.

Breland posted on Facebook Wednesday night that Jojo had yet to be found and was likely resting for night. He advised people to call police if they spotted the kangaroo — Jojo hops fast and startles easily.

Also on Wednesday night, a man named Christian Lee made a Facebook post about Jojo. But South Mississippians didn’t think his joke about turning the kangaroo into stew was a laughing matter.

“Found this guy on the side of the road on my way home from work today. Didn’t know we had kangaroos in Mississippi WTF? Me and the family ate good tonight tho,” Lee said in a public post on Facebook.

Two photos accompanied the post — one of a small kangaroo and one of a pot of stew. The kangaroo in the post is not Jojo. It’s a stock image that can be found on Google.

Breland and dozens of others were not amused.

One commenter posted: “I feel like this is a joke and everyone fell for it.”

Breland responded with, “No one fell for it. It was just lame as hell.”

Lee later commented said he made the post because he was “bored AF.” Lee said it was meant to be a joke. He said on Facebook that people have now been sending death threats over the post.

Others on the thread asked people to report the post in attempt to have it removed from Facebook.

Jojo had not been found by Thursday morning. If you spot him, call Breland at 323-326-4015 or Gulfport police at 228-868-5959.