Repeat violation found at Coast fast-food restaurant near interstate

A state health department inspection has found a critical violation at a combination fast-food restaurant on the Mississippi Coast, and it’s a repeat violation.

Two national chain restaurants combined in the same building were cited for the same violation six months ago, according to online reports by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

What the report says:

Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver, 947 Cedar Lake Road, Biloxi: On Jan. 3, was not in compliance with a regulation on toxic substance properly identified/stored/used. The problem was corrected during the inspection but was a repeat violation since a July 24, 2018 inspection noted the same problem. The restaurants have received mostly As and Bs since Sept. 22, 2010. The recent critical violation was the restaurants’ second C in 18 years.

Two other fast-food restaurant recently cited for critical violations received a B in follow-up inspections.

The improvements:

Steak ‘N Shake, 280 Beach Blvd. (U.S. 90), Biloxi: Received a B on Jan. 3 after receiving a C on Dec. 10, 2018.

McDonald’s, 228 East Beach Blvd. (U.S. 90), Long Beach: received a B in a follow-up inspection Dec. 21, 2018, after receiving a C the previous day.

The health department is allowed to increase a score by only one grade level in a follow-up inspection.

Restaurants and other food venues receive an A if they pass a state inspection, and a B if violations are corrected during the inspection. A score of C is given for critical violations.

State environmentalists inspected 4,935 food service providers in the six southernmost counties in 2018. A total of 119 South Mississippi restaurants and other food providers were cited for critical violations — 34 percent of the 349 found with violations around the state.

Restaurants and other food service providers are required to post their latest inspection report where customers it.

To file a complaint, visit your county health department or email food@msdh.ms.gov with details.

Find individual food venues’ inspections online at msdh.ms.gov.

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