Sound Off for Oct. 6: Maybe Russia hacked it

Chicago was at the Beau Rivage last weekend.
Chicago was at the Beau Rivage last weekend.

A hacking?

Wait. Could the Russians have hacked into the Kavanaugh FBI report?

What could go wrong?

Let the federal government exclusively take over higher education? What could possibly go wrong with that?

Let’s talk

I will not give my vote to any incumbent senator or representative who will not participate in a town hall or a debate. If you fear us, your constituents, you have no business in Washington.

Just a thought

People like to complain when police and sheriffs’ departments obtain retired military vehicles, but, without the armored personnel carrier, the sheriff’s department of Florence, S.C., would have been unable to rescue their six injured colleagues.

Looking forward

Cruisin’ The Coast is such a blessing in many ways. Such nice people, and they are very clean and respectful. It's a great event, and look forward to it every year.

A little venting

First few years it was “wow, look at that old car.” Then, a few years of, “aw ... the old cars are back.” Now, “is it that time of the year already?” I know, they’re great for local business, but since I don’t own or work for a local business I get to vent.

If he said this

It would have been wonderful if Judge Kavanaugh has just said something like: "I honestly do not remember anything about that night. I did drink more than I should have when I was young. If I did anything to cause any emotional pain, I am truly sorry. I have always respected women." That would have been end of the story.

Wanting to help

Tuesday's headlines were heart breaking. Can you imagine the sacrifices Bill Walker would have to make to pay back just a little of the money scammed from taxpayers? They only have $190,000 a year to scrape by on. Can we start a go-fund-me fund?

Notice his mood

The American Bar Association, the Yale Law School, other judicial organizations and notable judges have declared Kavanaugh unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court due to his emotional, unstable and angry responses during his hearing. If his lies and insults did not disqualify him; surely his mood swings should have.

Loved it

Bravo cast of “Chicago” for an excellent show.

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