Sun Herald’s most popular story of 2017 might make you blush

The Jourdan River in Hancock County
The Jourdan River in Hancock County jmitchell@sunherald.com

Sun Herald journalists have devoted their time this year to writing about what you want to read.

The most popular content produced in our newsroom in 2017 will make you laugh, cry, worry and maybe even blush a little.

A romantic encounter at a bar in Hancock County was the most popular story of 2017. Hundreds of thousands of people read about a man and two women found having sex on a deck that over looks the Jourdan River. When asked about the incident, Sheriff Ricky Adam said, “Right there. In the middle of the day. In broad daylight. In front of God and everybody.”

Here are 2017’s other most-read stories on SunHerald.com, in no particular order:

Four people died and several people were injured when a charter bus hit a train in downtown Biloxi. Sun Herald reporters, photographers and digital editors got the scene first and kept the public updated via SunHerald.com and Facebook Live.

As South Mississippians know all too well, it’s never a good sign when meteorologist Jim Cantore shows up in your town. In October, the Weather Channel star got off a plane in Gulfport as the Coast watched and waited to see where Hurricane Nate would make landfall. Cantore left Gulfport for Mobile but should have considered staying, as that’s where Nate made landfall. Nate brought flash flooding to Biloxi, and Coast residents were very interested in the flooding at Biloxi casinos captured on video by storm chaser Mike Theiss.

Before Nate was even a concern, South Mississippi proved it was ready for hurricane season, as more than 100,000 people read our editorial about preparing for Hurricane Irma as if it were coming here. The powerful storm did not hit South Mississippi but left flooding and major damage in Florida and Puerto Rico, as well as total destruction on some islands in the Caribbean. Irma also came ashore in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Perhaps the most emotional and compelling stories the Sun Herald published this year were centered around reporter Margaret Baker’s time with Sophia Myers and her family. Sophia, 7, died in October after battling a rare brain tumor called DIPG. She left the hospital and came home to magical wonderland to live out her final days. Baker’s reporting on Sophia’s death, the day after her father’s birthday, brought tears to many eyes and was one of the most popular stories of the year.

A matter of public safety in Jackson County took a top spot in Sun Herald’s rankings this year after the state warned boaters to stay away from the new Round Island. The material beneath the solid crust of the island was compared to quicksand by an engineer in March. In some places, the material was 16 feet deep.

Millennials in South Mississippi went nuts when they found out they could relive their 90s fantasies when Vanilla Ice, Salt-N-Pepa and others performed in Biloxi.

Finally, South Mississippi rallied around WLOX-TV chief meteorologist Carrie Duncan after she was fat-shamed by a viewer.

Other popular stories of note: