Learn to pick crabs like a boss

Are you intimidated by crabs?

If you’re someone who strolls into a restaurant with confidence, your personal set of crab crackers in your pocket, and you can fill up a plate with shelled crabmeat in seconds, don’t laugh at those of us who are perplexed by where to start on these delectable crustaceans. Some of us (ahem!) are more familiar with crabmeat in a refrigerated container than right out of the shell.

On the other hand, if you are someone who’s been passing up crab cracking because it seems to complicated, we’re here to help. On a recent visit to IP Casino Resort & Spa in Biloxi, food and beverage director Stephen Morgan demonstrated the process so that even the greenest novice (ahem!) can understand.

For this demonstration, we were introduced to three varieties of crabs: snow, dungeness and rock. The process is the same, but the crabs have their differences.

“The snow crab is a more elegant crab, with longer legs,” Morgan said. “The taste is clean, and it’s the favorite of many people. The dungeness is smaller than the snow, with a heavier texture and a sweeter taste, much like a lobster. And it’s the one I prefer. The rock crab is very much like a smaller dungeness.”

The setup included steamed crabs with drawn butter, seasoning and lemon halves.

Morgan showed how to “get the most meat off every crab. So many times I see people do just the legs and they toss the cluster to the side. I think the best meat is in the cluster.”

Check out the video by John Fitzhugh to excel in Crab Class 101.

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