Sound Off for Jan. 8: Save the Coast’s trees and bury the wires

Neighbors say Mississippi Power crews went overboard with their maintenance of trees along 2nd Street in Gulfport.
Neighbors say Mississippi Power crews went overboard with their maintenance of trees along 2nd Street in Gulfport. jvicory@sunherald.com

Mr. Forehand rocks!

Shout-out to Mr. Forehand and the other newspaper carriers who deliver our Sun Herald, even on an icy morning. Your customers appreciate your service.

Fake news

In the 1980s, a book was written about the “deliberate dumbing down of America.” At the time, most people probably shrugged it off. But now, with the quality of our education system falling so low in world comparisons, I think it’s true. All you have to do is read the Sound Offs to see how people are swayed with the “fake news” being perpetuated online and in the regular media. There are always two sides to most stories, but the first impulse is to spout off by ignoring the other side. This shows the writer’s ignorance and enforces the dumbing down.

Delivery request

A note to people delivering packages: Please do not put them in front of the storm door or screen door because when you open the storm or screen door, you push the package away from you. It makes it harder to get to, especially if you’re handicapped or disabled. It would also be nice if you bothered to at least ring the doorbell. You don’t have to stay. Just let us know there is something there. Thanks.

Parked cars

The dangers and aggravation in Shadow Creek subdivision with cars parked on the street are becoming insane. Clean out your garage or park your car on your own grass. Parking on the street has stopped the flow of traffic. School buses can’t get through and you can’t see children when a car is trying to simply drive. Letters of subdivision covenants have been sent. Authorities have been contacted but nothing has changed. I guess not until a child is hit trying to load or unload on a bus will anyone see the dangers. Have respect for your neighbors. If you are aware this is bothering people, park in your yard.

I vouch for vouchers

I, for one, will be happy when the school vouchers are available. I believe all children have the right to have the best education. The for-profit schools are turning out better-educated children than Mississippi’s public schools. I will be applying for the vouchers for my children. Thank you, President-elect Trump!

Same ol’ scam

There is absolutely nothing new about the PayPal and Amazon scams. They’ve been around for years.

Bury the wires

Maybe after the next major hurricane, the powers that be will bury the utility wires in the areas that have the beautiful trees (Westside, Second Street, Broadmoor).

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