From world peace to Disney World, Coast kids make New Year’s resolutions

Coast children take part in New Years countdown

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center hosts Countdown to Noon in Gulfport.
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Lynn Meadows Discovery Center hosts Countdown to Noon in Gulfport.

New Year’s Eve can mean a long night for many people, especially those staying up until midnight in hopes of seeing the ball (oyster, fleur de lis, Moon Pie, etc.) drop to symbolically ring in the new year. But for others, midnight is past their bedtime and the only hope they have for seeing the festivities is a replay on television the following day.

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center on Saturday provided an alternative for Coast children hoping to ring in the new year with their family, albeit a few hours early.

The Countdown to Noon was everything New Year’s Eve a child could want — food and kid-friendly beverages, noisemakers, balloons and a countdown at five seconds to noon, complete with the lowering of a ball.

It also gave some of the hundreds in attendance a chance to reflect on the coming year by discussing their resolutions for 2017 with the Sun Herald.

Makayla Shaver

Age: 10

Home: Gulfport

“I would like to go to Disney World.”

Michael Wagner

Age: 8

Home: Cayman Islands

“I want to collect more Pokémon.”

Lukas Bornovets

Age: 7

Home: Gulfport

“I want to go to Germany to see my Nana.”

Becah Allen

Age: 12

Home: Biloxi

“I would like to see world peace.”

Maggie Estes

Age: 9

Home: Gulfport

”I would like to take my family on a trip.”