Our photojournalists produced amazing videos in 2016. Here are their favorites.

Sun Herald File

Yes, the Sun Herald shoots video.

Too often our readers — and the subjects of our stories – just don’t realize that the photojournalists at the Sun Herald are also shooting, editing and producing high-quality video journalism.

We have embraced this tool that the new world of online publication makes available to us. And we do good work.

These are not cute cat videos, but a serious documentary storytelling in two-minute flashes. That’s not to say that we don’t have fun, too. Life has many emotions, and we work to capture them all.

The same passion that has driven our work as still photographers can be found in our video work. This video tool is still new to us, but we are having fun learning along the way.

Enjoy, share and watch us grow.

John Fitzhugh

Mississippi Special Olympics at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi

This has a nice feel to it. It’s easy to say, ‘Oh it’s Special Olympics, it’s always going to be cute,’ but there’s a good match of music and mood, a nice overall feel and a nice ending.

5A/6A athletes compete in South State track meet

Track meets have a lot going on in multiple locations, but also take hours to complete. I wanted to create a video that captures all the action of a track meet, but also compresses it.

The Deborah Washington Memorial Soap Box Derby sends four racers to the World Championship

This would have been just a regular news video if I hadn’t found the siblings racing each other. That gave me a story to build the video around. Using the Go-Pros also gave an extra dimension to the video.

Tim Isbell

Nock brings special brand of entertainment back to the Beau Rivage.

Getting the interview early and access to shoot the performance that evening gave me an opportunity to present a story through audio and video. I thought the completed video showed Bello Nock was more than a guy with an interesting hair cut but a top notch showman.

Azha Sanders performs permanent cosmetics at Twisted Anchor in Ocean Springs.

Whether it is stills or video, I enjoy something that tells a story. It is especially fulfulling if that story is about something I really didn’t know about. That was the case with the cosmetic eyebrows. It was fun to learn and fun to present a story so other people could learn.

Waiters share stories of celebrities and experiences at Biloxi restaurant.

This story was primarily an interview with three long-time waiters at Mary Mahoney’s. The video was a series of funny stories by the waiters. I found it to be a fun experience. The waiter’s pride in their jobs seemed to come out in the video.

Children storm outfield at MGM Park for inaugural Easter Egg Drop in Biloxi.

There wasn’t much audio to this video other than what was happening at the moment I shot the video. I like this video primarily because it makes me laugh. Over the past few years, such easter egg hunts have been a challenge. I was glad I was just covering the event and not having to control what was taking place.

Amanda McCoy

Hancock High senior Trevor Ladner talks about a video he created and posted on YouTube that is getting much more attention than he expected. Ladner, who is one of the top students in his class, transforms in and out of drag in the video to express

Telling Trevor's story was the highlight of my year. I spent a long time with him and was continually impressed by his work ethic and outlook on the world. I'm very happy with the end product, which is a good mix of creative editing and solid story telling.

Katrina White, a Seabee for 15 years and her partner Colette White, a veteran, have been trying to adopt James, 12, for the better part of a year. As a married couple they were rejected due to Mississippi's ban on allowing same-sex couples to adop

This was a very important story to tell. It was heartbreaking at times, but was extremely inspiring in the end. I am very grateful to the Whites for letting me be there with them.

St. Stanislaus quarterback Myles Brennan threw a pass for his 145th career touchdown to break the Mississippi career touchdown record on Friday, October 14, 2016, against East Central. The record was previously held by Dylan Favre.

Sun Herald reporter Anita Lee takes you along as she tries out Wal-Mart's new grocery pickup service. Watch as she places her order online, retrieves the groceries curbside and delivers them to Seashore Mission in Biloxi. If you're interested the