Sound Off for Nov. 26: Put the phone down when driving

Texting while driving can be dangerous.
Texting while driving can be dangerous. Sun Herald/File

Right on

Kudos to your editorial department for noticing all of the proposed fancy buildings, tourist traps and restaurants we can build to make the beach attractive will not be worth much if we do not clean up the water. The oil-spill money should go to cleaning up our coastal waters so someone will want to swim in them. Right now, I don’t — and don’t want my grandkids in them.

Pay attention

To the lady who blew the light at U.S. 49 and O’Neal on a recent day about 9:30 in the morning: Put down your phone, computer and papers. Lucky for us, I could move into the middle lane, but you had to go in the grass. You are behind the wheel: Pay attention! Sure our three kids and five grandchildren plus friends would like to see us alive.

Sure thing

What if the Harrison County Board of Supervisors teamed up with Gulfport and Biloxi to make the infamous skate park a mega-basketball facility? Just think of the possibilities. For example, limited court space at community gyms could be available for other youth and senior sports without conflict. Come on, Board. Instead of gambling on “iffy” business ventures (they have been there, done that), why not do something that will benefit residents of all ages by enhancing recreational facilities on the Mississippi Coast?

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