Now we know when, but do you know who made these sand sculptures?

Sand sculptures on the beach in Biloxi

More than a dozen sand sculptures adorn the beach in Biloxi west of the Coliseum Pier.
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More than a dozen sand sculptures adorn the beach in Biloxi west of the Coliseum Pier.

Hippos, a sea serpent and the Sphinx were among the creatures that have mysteriously appeared on the beach in Biloxi.

They looked a little weather-worn Thursday, like they’ve been there a few days, but they are holding up well.

On the beach just west of the Coliseum Pier, 14 sand sculptures of unknown origin provide artistic lagniappe for anyone walking the shoreline.

“It’s beautiful artwork,” said Nathan Best of Biloxi, who came to relax at the beach with his wife, Sherry.

“I didn’t even realize it was there,” he said as they settled into their spot under a pavilion.

Whoever did the work, they knew what they were doing.

Each sculpture is about 5 feet square, dug down slightly into the sand, then built up as a relief.

Sun Herald reader Dan Kudray of St. Martin said he saw a group of people digging in the sand on Wednesday morning. Kudray, a limo driver with Gulf Coast Exotic Auto, was on his way to pick up somebody when he saw them.

“I’m not sure who they were, but there was a lot of them,” he said in a phone call responding to the Sun Herald’s original article about the sculptures.

He speculated it may have been an art class.

He said there were 12 to 14 people each with a small backpack that he guessed contained sculpting tools.

“I thought it was weird they were all digging holes in the sand,” Kudray said.

One or two of the sculptures have been stepped on, but most have been showed the respect they deserve.

A nearby trash can bears the inscription “A vision without action is merely a dream.”

It appears these people turned their dream into a reality.

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