Happy American Beer Day — here are five craft breweries on the Coast

Grab a bottle or mug or glass or can of your favorite domestic brew and raise it high — Oct. 27 is National American Beer Day. It’s also Navy Day, so be sure and make a toast to the men and women of the U.S. Navy.

According to a study done by statista.com, Bud Light is by far the most popular domestic beer, with Coors Light and Miller Lite close behind.

While the “King of Beers” continues to sell well, craft-brewed beers are increasing in popularity.

BrewersAssociation.org, a society for craft beer brewers, claims that annual beer sales in the US is a billion dollar industry. But, according to the website, craft beers made up about $22 million of the annual sales in 2015.

Here are five craft breweries located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast:

1805 Government St.

Ocean Springs

7030 Roscoe Turner Road


2711 14th St.


186 Bohn St.


13247 D Seaway Road