Sound Off for 10-16-16

How can we help?

We hear so much about the homeless people in Gulfport and are aware Feed My Sheep and other groups are open five days a week for the noon meal. There is a small group who would willingly take sandwiches to homeless camps on Sunday if they knew where to take them. Please respond to Sound Off if you have any information in this regard.

No litter, no noise

If we would just start enforcing our litter laws and sound ordinances, our city could greatly benefit from all the money it would bring in and it would improve residents’ quality of life.

Tired of this

Isn’t it about time someone removed the old tire that’s been sitting on the Popp’s Ferry Bridge for more than three weeks?

Dead in the water

So now every time there are whitecaps on the water, I guess MDEQ is going to close the Sound to swimming. What kind of excuse will they come up with next?

Which is he?

Trump has bragged for years about his “sexual conquests,” but now that women are coming forward to confirm they were his victims, he says they’re all lying? Which is it? His years of playboy bragging or his presidential-candidate innocence?

Intended damage

On instructions from Hillary’s campaign surely, but at least on cue, out come daily allegations of bad behavior by Trump. They are uncorroborated and slimy allegations. They can’t be and don’t have to be proved to do their intended damage. Just another reason I don’t want HRC to be president.

Great disservice

The Sun Herald has become the standard bearer for media bias as the presidential election fast approaches. Its readers keep receiving viewpoints from the left. In Friday’s paper, we get The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Boston Globe berating Trump’s gaffes, but not one word on the release of Hillary’s emails. A great disservice is being perpetuated on the people of this country bordering on treason by major news outlets for not investigating and reporting on all news pertinent to the election.


I recently read in the Sun Herald about a family who was upset they’d evacuated for Matthew and returned to their “unscathed Brunswick, Georgia, home.” Whoa! Instead of being upset that there was no damage they should have been thanking God all was safe. We who experienced Katrina know only too well the damage wind and water can do. It angers me when first responders are putting their lives on the line to rescue those who did not leave when told to do so. Please, always heed evacuation orders — they are there to save lives.

No burnouts

As a spectator, our Cruisin’ The Coast is a wonderful event, getting to see all these wonderfully restored or remade vehicles — fun times, free of charge! However, I don’t understand the “burnout” displays, which frighten children, make horrid noise and are also dangerous, as evidenced by last Saturday night’s accident when a burnout went out of control. These should not be part of our beloved Cruisin’.

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