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Coast casinos start 2017 millions down from last year

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Because 2017 isn’t a leap year and because of the timing of Carnival season, Coast casinos saw a 9 percent drop in casino revenue in February.

The decline was 10 percent in the river counties, according to the report from the Mississippi Department of Revenue, putting the state’s February total gross casino revenue $18 million less than a year ago.

Last year started strong with February 2016 casino revenue at $105 million, making it the second-best month of the year for the 12 Coast casinos, fueled by an extra day in leap year and an early Carnival season that ended Feb. 9. This year, Mardi Gras wasn’t until Feb. 28, and the casinos may not have made their final drop for that revenue in time for it to be included in the February report.

Coast casinos have seen year-over-year declines for January and February and are starting the year $11 million behind their 2016 pace.

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Source: Mississippi Gaming Commission and Department of Revenue