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Poll: Respondents want sports betting, not more casinos

Geoff Freeman, president of the American Gaming Association
Geoff Freeman, president of the American Gaming Association

A new poll released Wednesday shows nearly half of Americans approve of legalized sports betting and that most think the country already has enough casinos.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll shows 48 percent support changing federal law to make sports betting legal nationwide and 39 percent are opposed.

The two biggest reasons given in support of sports betting are that many people are already doing it (45 percent) and that legalized sports betting would result in increased revenue for the state (39 percent).

Opponents’ top concerns are fostering gambling addiction (55 percent), the potential involvement of organized crime (22 percent) and concerns about the perceived integrity of the games (16 percent).

The poll also found that while people are more supportive of legalized sports betting, they don't necessarily want more casinos. The poll showed 68 percent say the U.S. has enough casinos compared to 16 percent who want fewer casinos and 11 percent who want more.

Fairleigh Dickinson is in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Also on Wednesday, Geoff Freeman, president of the American Gaming Association, was named one of the top lobbyists of 2016 for his efforts to overturn the national ban on sports betting.