Mississippi Power sets all-time peak

Mississippi Power officials say the sustained frigid temperatures have contributed to Mississippi Power reaching an all-time record demand for electricity.

The new record demand of 2,698,000 kilowatts was reached at 7 a.m., Tuesday, surpassing the company’s all-time peak of 2,593,000 kilowatts set Aug. 29, 2000.

The peak demand is an indicator of what is required from Mississippi Power’s generating plants – and how hard they are working – to ensure a reliable supply of electricity is available to meet customers’ needs.

The company’s previous record peak for the winter was 2,523,000 kilowatts set in January 2003.

The company is monitoring weather conditions but does not anticipate widespread outages. Staffing has been adjusted and the system is prepared to handle the developing weather patterns.

Mississippi Power’s transmission and distribution systems are designed to carry increased load due to extreme weather conditions. In the event of an outage, work plans are in place to respond quickly.

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