PSC approves reduction in Mississippi Power bills

The Public Service Commission today approved a fuel adjustment for Mississippi Power that will save customers an average of 11.3 percent on their power bills.

Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz said that Mississippi Power Co. filed its annual fuel cost adjustment request that will give customers a savings on their power bills beginning with the first billing cycle in January.

Mississippi Power Company customers will see an average of $10.60 per 1,000 kilowatt hour reduction in their residential electric bills due to a decrease in fuel costs.

“I am happy that I could order this decrease at a time when so many are struggling to pay their bills,” Bentz said.

Each year, the Mississippi Public Service Commission evaluates Mississippi Power's fuel purchases to ensure that the ratepayers are getting the cheapest, yet most reliable fuel available. Mississippi Power is not allowed to earn a profit on fuel cost.

“Anytime we can be a part of decreasing someone’s electric bill, I welcome the opportunity with open arms. Mississippi Power Co.’s plan will be carefully evaluated to ensure maximum savings to the ratepayers of the Southern District.”

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