Company coming to Waveland knows a thing or two about fashion

A woman walks in front of a Victoria’s Secret store in Chicago.
A woman walks in front of a Victoria’s Secret store in Chicago. AP File

A company moving from Chalmette to Waveland in early 2017 knows a thing or two about fashion, but not in a way you would expect.

Infinity-AP, a Dallas-based custom retail facade business, creates custom storefronts for international retailers, according to the Mississippi Business Journal, and has clients such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Apple.

According to the company’s website, employees at Infinity-AP have more than two decades of experience in the architectural glazing industry. They specialize in designing and installing storefronts for national and international clients.

The company is moving into a site on Nicholson Avenue that used to house 84 Lumber.

The 84 Lumber store in Gulfport said the Waveland branch was open after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 destroyed much of South Mississippi but closed its doors in 2007.

The space is 10,000 square feet with two canopy areas that are 9,000 square feet each, the Mississippi Business Journal said.

“We are going to be bringing about $750,000 worth of equipment from Chalmette and likely will invest $300,000 in the facility just to get it up and running,” co-owner Rick Bradley told the Mississippi Business Journal. “We’ve got several months’ worth of renovations.”