‘Brotique’ takes men from the beach to brunch in under 60 seconds

John Huntoon hopes when shoppers step into his downtown shop on Jeff Davis Avenue they’ll think about two things — brunch and the beach.

The almost 30-year-old Long Beach native owns Dapper Pig Brotique, a men’s clothing and accessories shop in the heart of the town where he grew up.

“Pretty much anything I have in here, I want you to be able to go get brunch on Sunday morning and cross the street past (U.S.) 90 with your family for an hour and you’re still appropriately dressed,” Huntoon said. “You can have Sunday fun day and be appropriately dressed from beginning to end.”

Huntoon doesn’t have a fashion degree, but he said he was a trendsetter as a teenager.

“I’ve always had my own little style,” he said. In middle school, he had a stockpile of Hawaiian button-down shirts, and would wear them every day. The laid-back, colorful trend took off amongst his peers.

The Dapper Pig has been open for a little more than three months. Huntoon said his shop targets fashion-forward Coast men, and women who like to shop for their husbands or significant others. He just released a colorful line of cotton pants that are selling well — they pair nicely with linen button-downs, he said. He also sells polos, shorts, shoes, swimwear and a variety of accessories and beard-care items.

The store came about after Huntoon ran into high school friend Jordan Morris at Bankhouse Coffee earlier this year.

Morris, who opened Sister Swank Boutique, said women who shopped at her store asked her every day if she would offer men’s apparel in the space next to her.

“It seemed like it would be fun for me to do,” Huntoon said. “It would be a challenge.” About eight weeks after that conversation with Morris, the Dapper Pig was open for business.

Huntoon, who has a degree in marine biology and has worked as a youth counselor and bartender, said he visits markets in various cities and looks online to buy merchandise.

The community has been responding well to his shop, and he said he could not think of a better place to have a business than Long Beach.

“The small community shops here, they’ve all created such a great, diverse place that I really found a way to piggyback on the rest of their success,” he said. “I was able to provide something that contributes to this area without detracting it from anything or anyone.”

And where did the name for Dapper Pig Brotique come from?

Dapper Pig is the name of Huntoon’s life and style blog.

“It’s a metaphor,” he said. “We have some sloppy and need to clean up the edges a little bit. We can’t get away from who we are, but we can definitely smooth it out and make it a little easier.”

The word brotique was coined by Huntoon’s friend Trae Guin, who works just down the way at On A Roll Sushi.

Justin Mitchell: 228-604-0705, @Journalism_J

If you go to the Dapper Big Brotique

  • Address: 206 Jeff Davis Avenue
  • Phone: 228-343-2265
  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.