A message from the Sun Herald's publisher and editor


Dear readers:

Beginning Wednesday, the Sun Herald will unveil enhancements to our newspaper and website. Whether you prefer to read the Sun Herald in print with your morning coffee or you choose to get the latest news on your tablet or mobile device, the new changes are designed with you in mind.

Readers get their news differently today, and our platforms will continue to transform and adapt to these changes. A few things will seem different, but the newspaper's redesign will have a cleaner and more organized look that will help guide the reader each day.

The day's best two or three stories will be displayed on the front page so you can choose to read the news at a quick glance or you can read deeply. There will also be a summary of top stories or other content you will find throughout the paper.

Additionally, we are adding a page called Insight on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. It will contain an in-depth look at topics of interest in the local and national news, as well as occasional reflections on the news from different viewpoints.

Enhancements will be made on as well, that will allow for easier navigation through the stories and photos you want to see or read. An online guide will be available Wednesday to help you with the enhancements.

The one thing that will not change is our commitment to providing you with the quality journalism you have relied on over the past century, including our dedication to investigative reporting. We will continue to provide you updates throughout the day as well as breaking news as it happens for local and national news, sports and weather.

Your opinion is important to us and we will welcome your feedback.

As always, thank you for reading the Sun Herald.

Shannon Wall, president and publisher

Blake Kaplan, executive editor