Radio traffic captures deadly shooting of Army veteran by Jackson County deputy

JACKSON COUNTY -- Christian Bowman had a gunshot wound to the chest and was in handcuffs but "still fighting" shortly after a Jackson County deputy radioed in to say he and his partner were fine other than "some bruises and cuts," according to police-radio traffic captured on

Bowman, 23, an Army veteran and lifelong resident of South Mississippi, died of his wounds.

About 1 a.m. Monday, deputies received a call about possible drug activity in one of the "units" at the Ramada Inn in the St. Martin community.

In the first dispatch, a deputy says he smells marijuana. Radio silence follows for a few minutes before the deputy radios back to say he has "one at gunpoint."

Minutes later, the deputy reports "shots fired" and asks for an ambulance.

Bowman, the deputy says, is "still fighting" but in custody and in handcuffs but the deputy and his partner are fine.

The deputy's shift supervisor cuts in, according to dispatch audio, and tells the deputy to give him a "21," the code for a phone call. The deputy is back on the radio afterward and says the man is in handcuffs but is "still fighting."

A deputy radios in that the man has one gunshot wound to the chest.

Deputies start trying to help Bowman by performing CPR.

"If you don't have first responders en route, please get here," the deputy says.

Sheriff Mike Ezell confirmed the recording was of radio exchanges between deputies and dispatchers.

According to a Sheriff's Department press release, Bowman became "aggressively combative toward" a deputy and the two fought.

A second deputy arrived and tried to help the first deputy subdue the man, the release said.

The fight escalated until one of the deputies shot the man, the release said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation.

Authorities did not identify Bowman, but his mother confirmed his identity. He died at the scene.

Sherry Bowman said she doesn't understand why deputies had to shoot her son.

"They had Tasers, for God's sake," she said.

Bowman, a father of one child, is a graduate of D'Iberville High School and had been employed in construction.