Records: New Orleans paid $40,000 to cabbie who videotaped lawyer's sex plea


The New Orleans Advocate

New Orleans taxi cab driver Hervey Farrell shoots video of Jennifer Gaubert talking.
New Orleans taxi cab driver Hervey Farrell shoots video of Jennifer Gaubert talking.

The city quietly coughed up $40,000 last year to a cab driver who claimed he was jailed on bogus charges based on the word of a local radio host who had implored him to have sex with her in the front seat of his taxi — a lubricious encounter he videotaped on his cell phone.

The city cut a check to Hervey Farrell last summer to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit over his August 2013 arrest on voyeurism and extortion counts, according to records obtained Monday, The city attorney’s office had earlier refused to turn over the settlement terms, citing ongoing litigation that ended last week when a judge formally dismissed Farrell’s related claims against the radio show host and attorney, Jennifer Gaubert.

Gaubert, 35, had gotten into Farrell’s White Fleet cab early on April 6, 2012 after a night of drinking at Galatoire’s on Bourbon Street for a ride to her Lakeview home.

She proceeded to crawl over the seat and, as Farrell’s video showed, lift her skirt while urging the cabbie to engage in sexual intercourse. In the video, which captures only a portion of the encounter, Farrell repeatedly rebuffs Gaubert’s slurring advances before she exits the cab.

Since his call to 911 shortly after the fare — “She whipped out my penis and was trying to give me oral sex and I said no” — Farrell has maintained he was a victim of Gaubert’s drunken aggression. He quickly filed a civil claim against Gaubert, whose radio show on WGSO, “Law Out Loud,” ended shortly after the cab ride.

Nearly a year later, Gaubert sought help from police. She told New Orleans Police Department Officer Alfred Moran that Farrell was extorting her under threat of releasing the video.

Gaubert told the officer that her attorney had received an email documenting the extortion threat.

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