New Orleans council hears arguments for removal of Andrew Jackson statue

The New Orleans Advocate

If the New Orleans City Council won’t allow Robert E. Lee to stand above Lee Circle, why should Andrew Jackson remain in Jackson Square?

That was the question raised before a City Council committee on Thursday. But with the request coming from someone who actually wants both statues to remain standing and a council that has already rejected the comparison, there seemed little chance the city’s most famous statue will be coming down anytime soon.

Richard Marksbury, a Tulane University administrator, made a pitch that Jackson’s statue runs afoul of the ordinance used to designate monuments to Lee, Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard and the white supremacist militia that fought federal troops at the Battle of Liberty Place as “nuisances.”

But other than Councilwoman Stacy Head — who cast the only vote against taking down the statues — council members seemed unwilling to see it that way.

The ordinance allows for the removal of statues that advocate racial supremacy or conflict with constitutional provisions for equal protection and that have been the site of demonstrations.

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