Burned-out Lamborghini owned by contractor hired to remove Confederate monuments

The Advocate

The Advocate

A Lamborghini was found burned to the ground at a Baton Rouge company that only last week pulled out of a New Orleans contract to remove monuments related to the Confederacy after the owner had received death threats, New Orleans TV station WDSU reported Tuesday.

David Mahler’s Lamborghini, worth an excess of $200,000, was parked in H & O Investments parking lot at t 17425 Opportunity Ave., in Baton Rouge when the flaming car was spotted from the air, said Roy Maughan, Jr., Mahler’s attorney. The the fire was reported but authorities were not able to locate the blaze until the car had been on fire for at least a couple of hours.

This is the Lamborghini I posted a few pics of this weekend which he was at coffee and cars Baton Rouge. Seems like he has a hater someone burnt it to the ground in early morning hrs. So sad

Posted by Tannie Guidry on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last week The New Orleans Advocate reported that a company attorney said in a letter to city officials that after H&O Investments made preparations to remove the controversial monuments, its offices received multiple telephone complaints, “including death threats personally directed to [company owner] David Mahler, and his staff, in addition to threatening calls received by his wife at their residence.”

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