Domino's, South Mississippi raise $12,500 for Scuba Steve

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GULFPORT -- Steve Johnson opened his front door on Thursday to a pizza box and Domino's delivery driver, but it wasn't full of cheese or pepperoni.

Instead, the pizza chain delivered a check for $12,500 to the Coast T-shirt icon, who is suffering from stage three colorectal cancer.

Domino's donated 20 percent of purchases from customers who mentioned Scuba Steve when ordering Wednesday.

Across social media, people were sharing pictures of their pizza, and many had taken a permanent marker and wrote #scubastrong inside their pizza box.

In total, people in South Mississippi spent about $62,500 on pizza so they could help Johnson pay medical expenses.

Johnson answered the door around 3:20 Thursday afternoon, he said on Facebook.

"It's a Dominos delivery guy with a Giant Check and Balloons, there's a girl holding a pizza box they said open it!!!" Johnson posted.

Inside the box, Johnson said, were a group of Dominos executives on FaceTime, clapping and cheering.

"It was the Coolest Thing That's Ever Happened to Me!!!" Johnson wrote. "THANK YOU To My Amazing Community and THANK YOU To Dominos!!!"

Johnson, who has gone through intense rounds of radiation and chemotheraphy to treat his cancer, met with an oncologist this week to see if the tumor shrank enough to be removed by surgery.

Since his diagnosis, Johnson has lost his appetite and has third-degree burns from radiation therapy.

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