Five Live oaks being planted at Biloxi museum

An effort to restore Biloxi's Live oak trees begins Wednesday with a dedication ceremony as five trees are planted at the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum in East Biloxi.

The tree planting at 11 a.m. will be the first of two or three dedications each year through the Biloxi Bay Chamber's Live Oak Tree Planning Program.

Two plantings in the spring will be at other public sites in Biloxi, said Grace Aaron, vice president of the Chamber's Beautification and Environment Committee.

The trees and planting services cost $100, the same as before Katrina.

"We want it to be affordable for people," Aaron said.

Trees can be purchased to honor family, friends or accomplishments.

One of the trees that will be planted Wednesday is in memory of Georgia Lawrence. Her husband, Biloxi Councilman George Lawrence, is expected to attend the ceremony along with Biloxi Mayor Andrew "FoFo" Gilich, Biloxi Bay Chamber Board President Patrick Ricci, chamber executive director Tina Ross-Seamans and Seafood Museum director Robin Krohn-David. The ceremony is open to all.

Another tree will be dedicated Wednesday to Rusty David, chairman of Biloxi's 30th Christmas on the Water Boat Parade.

"He's been chairman for all 30 years," Aaron said.

The $100-per-tree fee includes the tree, and delivery, planting and staking services by Biloxi-based JLC Landscape. An all-weather marker, included in the price, will tell whom the tree honors.

The Chamber committee also will provide those donating a tree with it's location's GPS coordinates.

To purchase a Live oak tree for the 2016 spring planting, email or