Judge says no to moving Scott Walker from prison


Judge Keith Starrett has rejected Ocean Springs businessman Scott Walker's request to spend the rest of his fraud and conspiracy sentence in home confinement or a halfway house, saying the federal Bureau of Prisons knows best where Walker should finish serving his time.

Walker, who hurt his back in a 2011 airplane accident and subsequently had two surgeries, asked in August to be moved from a low-security prison in Pensacola, Fla., so that he could receive physical therapy and more intensive medical treatment for his "horrific injuries."

Starrett denied the motion Monday, saying the Bureau of Prisons should determine where Walker is housed.

Barring bad behavior, Walker could soon be moved to a halfway house despite the judge's ruling. His 18-month sentence is set to end March 21.

The Bureau of Prisons moved Walker's codefendant, former D'Iberville City Manager Michael Janus, to a halfway house in July, when Janus still had about six months to serve on his 21-month sentence.

Both Walker and Janus pleaded guilty to fraud. They admitted that while Janus served as city manager, he se

cured for Walker an unearned finder's fee of $180,000. Half the money was deposited into the account of a business the two men owned.

In a separate case, Scott Walker also admitted that he conspired with his father, former Department of Marine Resources Director Bill Walker, to defraud the federal government.

Father and son admitted that they conspired to spend $210,000 in federal funds on a waterfront lot Scott Walker owned in the Gulf Hills subdivision of Jackson County.

Evidence showed that Bill Walker arranged for the DMR to give the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain federal funds for the property in July 2011. The federal funds were intended for other purposes.

Bill Walker was sentenced to five years in prison, which he is currently at a minimum-security prison in Texarkana, Texas, according to the BOP website.