Statement from Gov. Haley Barbour regarding oil in the Sound

"Last night and today, for the first time since the oil spill began about 10 weeks ago, depleted oil has hit the Mississippi shoreline.

"A weathered emulsion came ashore in Jackson County, both at Belle Fontaine Beach and at Lake Mars Landing, between Ocean Springs and Gautier. While it is very weathered, the emulsion is messy, and cleanup crews are handling it and disposing of it. Despite our being told by the Federal Unified Command that the emulsion is not toxic, members of the general public should not try to clean up the emulsion or any new tar balls unless they have had the proper training.

"There is more oil in the sound, particularly north of Petit Bois and Horn islands, and there is oil in the passes between Petit Bois and Horn, Horn and Ship islands, and in the Camille Cut.

"Additionally, a small amount of oil was located today near Deer Island. The boom protecting Biloxi Bay at this location was closed to boat traffic, and one or more vessels with skimming capabilities was brought in to try to keep more oil from getting into the bay.

"The Federal Unified Command reported having more than 700 vessels on the water trying to locate the oil, skim the area, steer and collect the oil and its residue in the sound, in the passes, and south of the barrier islands.

"The amount of oil moving into Mississippi waters has greatly increased in the last several days, and the prevailing winds that cause the oil and its residue to move in our direction are predicted to continue, at least until the middle of the week. We continue to press the Federal Unified Command and BP to increase the amount of resources available to attack the oil beginning as far south as possible, through the passes, into the sound, and in the mouths of the bays.

"While command and control of on-water resources has improved, it must get much better, and the amount of resources to attack the oil offshore must be greatly increased. Under the circumstances, we are taking some of that into our own hands."