DMR issues no-wake zone for Mississippi Sound

The Department of Marine Resources has issued a temporary no-wake zone for the Mississippi Sound, effective immediately.

The no-wake zone is being established to prevent booms from being displaced and to prevent disturbing oil spill response activities in the Sound.

All booms and bouys are deployed and maintained by the Incident Command Center for the Deep Water Horizon Spill in Mobile. The no-wake zone takes effect immediately and will remain in place until the U.S. Coast Guard lifts it.

The areas are: Task Force 21 (M/V Grand) – N30 15.106, W89 05.121; Task Force 46 (M/V Paraclete) – N30 17.600, W88 44.120; Task Force 17 (M/V Miller) – N30 18.535, W88 34.977; Task Force 20 (M/V Fling) – N30 15.924, W88 28.210.

Vessels in the no-wake zone should proceed at minimum speed so as not to create a potentially damaging wake within 500 feet surrounding the above areas.

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