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Which state has the most miserable summer? A new list says Mississippi


People enjoy the beach in Gulfport on Tuesday.
People enjoy the beach in Gulfport on Tuesday.

Lots of places like to complain about how miserable their summers are, but are they being overly dramatic? ranked all 50 states based on which have the worst summers. As is the trend with lists like this, Mississippi ranked last.

This is the entry on the Magnolia State from Thrillist writers Matt Lynch and Kevin Alexander, whose Twitter profiles say they are based out of and Chicago and Boston/San Francisco, respectively:

“It was tempting to go another direction with the No. 1 choice here, as Mississippi often finishes in the least-desirable position on these every state lists, whether the matter at hand is education, health of the general population, or lack of homicidal fire ants. After all, Mississippi is hardly the only Gulf Coast state sporting that unyielding combo of heat and humidity that we’ve had to find 37 different ways to describe in this article thus far. You know, the kind of weather not even an oil drum’s worth of sweet tea can combat (38)! Top five most miserable summer? Certainly, but is it REALLY necessary to slot Mississippi all the way at the bottom? Surely not.

Then I spoke to a colleague of mine who is a leading authority on all things Southern and asked him to weigh in on where he’d least like to be during summer. His response was immediate.

‘Mississippi. It’s so hot. It’s hot, and there’s nothing to do.’

Well, there's always mud pie and air conditioning?”’s summer rankings

Best summers

50. Washington

49. Minnesota

48. Rhode Island

47. Oregon

46. Hawaii

Worst summers

5. Arkansas

4. Alabama

3. Arizona

2. Louisiana

1. Mississippi