Humane Society accepting 75 dogs from breeder (Updated 2:15 p.m.)

The Humane Society of South Mississippi today will accept 75 dogs from a breeder in Pearl River County.

All dogs are small, Continental Kennel Club pedigree designer breeds including pugs, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Boston Terriers, Chihuahuas, and dachshunds, except for a Chow and a white Labrador.

Originally, the Humane Society believed they would take in 67 dogs, but found there were eight more dogs when they arrived at the home to take possession.

In a moving letter that the breeder sent to HSSM she said, “After losing my husband of 40 years to an accident, I became completely obsessed with my animals. They became my main source of love and comfort but, I have finally realized that my children are right - I have become a hoarder.

“I want the best for these animals and each of them will make many children and families very happy.”

The dogs will arrive at HSSM this afternoon and Tuesday and will receive updated vaccinations and rabies shots.

HSSM will begin adoptions of these CKC pedigree dogs beginning Wednesday during normal shelter hours.

“All dogs are happy, very kind, and the owner has done a great job keeping them healthy. It is obvious that they have been loved,” said Jenny Morris, chief veterinarian for HSSM.

HSSM is seeking forever homes for these pets. Potential adopters are invited to stop by the Humane Society of South Mississippi beginning 10 a.m. Wednesday.