Share your pets with us on National Love Your Pet Day


We're starting the week off with National Love Your Pet Day.

It's an observance to give some extra attention to those fur-babies and family members who are not human (although sometimes ...)

According to National Day Calendar website, most U.S. households have at least one pet. Dogs are slightly more popular than cats, and pets are not limited to canines and felines.

Not to mention, having a pet in the house can help with stress relief and lower blood pressure.

In our household, we have a pair of long-haired German shepherds who basically tell us what to do.

In return, they are rewarded each night with a pig ear treat (for which the female, Kaiya, will do three spins and sometimes, if she's very excited, a "Lipizzaner Leap" of joy.)

Our big boy, Kaleb (also known as Bubba and Moosebutt) is, in one word, a galoot. He's kinda goofy and will demand attention at times, but he's a good dog.

So I'm going to start things off with a photo of our pair of shepherds. We hope that you will either send us your photo at or comment on the Facebook post and share your pet photos that we will compile into a gallery.

Be proud of your pets!

Kate Magandy: 228-896-2344, @kmagandy

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