Coast Cooking

Put it in a pot and not only do you have a good dish, but you also have a good picture

The last is the image I will share in this week of blog entries about my favorite food images that I have taken while on assignment.

This one, however, is one that not only not only did I take image, but I also prepared the food.

Occasionally I draw an assignment that requires me to make the food I am writing about, and it I something I do enjoy.

I am not a professionally trained chef, not by a long shot, but I am an adequate home cook.

This image expresses a lot of culinary ideas to which I aspire.

I love Southern cooking, so beans and peas are important to me. I also love smoked pork sausage, and when sautéed brown and crispy, I can think few things as delicious.

I also have grown fond of hot peppers as a seasoning in many dishes, and many visits to the local Asian markets have introduced to me pumpkin as a great ingredient.

When you combine all of those good things into one pot, you have a dish of some magnitude. If you get lucky with the camera and get a good shot, then you have won on all counts.